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hibition that opened on Tuesday surveys 500 years of simple to sophisticated robots.Take, for instance, a walking and praying monk from the 16th century or a▓ cartoonlike humanoid avatar that helps children with autis▓m today. They and 100 other robots on display at the Science Museum chart an evolution of machines that▓ fascinate and terrify."One o

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f the big issues with doing a ▓show like this is people's preconceptions that robots come in, they destroy the world and they▓ enslave us all," lead curator Ben Russell ▓said."One of the advantages of taking a long view of robo▓ts, as we have done, is that you realize a lot of ▓these co

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ncerns have been with us for a very, very l▓ong time," he added.However, he dismissed such fe▓ars as overblown and said humans would prove "m▓uch more adaptive".One premise of the exhibition is that studying robots is a good way to learn what so

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